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idi eder
Idi Eder painter


Idi Eder thrives on colours, away from fashions and public expectations.

Self-taught and not relying on theoretical learnings, she mainly proceeds by tentative tries, intuition, feelings and dreams.

Her workshop is turned into a laboratory where powders, saw-dusts, tree barks, sprigs mingle with newspaper cuts, foil papers, silk papers, mulberry leaves, origami.

The tubes of colour paint are squeezed and water comes spurting on the freshly set matter.

From this fusion, drippings are born which run along and across the canvas and turn into a mesh that traps a flotsam and jetsam of collages, layering of transparent materials, inlays, etc.


Radiance rides over opacity

Transparency lights up density

Darkness gives out under the pressure of light


idi eder detail
Effects of matter

What about the themes ?

Years chasing years, they brought in their wake a succession of time sequences and a multiplicity of themes approached.

IDI ɛDɛR draws her inspiration from travel memories – a striking juxtaposition of hieratic giants (the moais), enigmatic drawings from long-gone civilisations.

Everyday life may also become a source of inspiration, throbbing to the bewitching rhythm of rambling musicians or the pleading of polymorphic animals whispering their humanity.

And finally the gaze : it can sometimes be turned inward, at other times share a complicity or else question the spectator. The omnipresent eye gives an inkling of the artist’s perception of reality.